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News: BBC News: Economy

Bank of England says it will act on inflation
Governor Andrew Bailey's warning is seen as his clearest hint yet that interest rates will rise.

French finance minister: Brexit made UK supply chain crisis worse
France's finance minister also told the BBC that Europe will be one the world's key economic powers.

Lorry driver shortage: Government to lift rules on foreign haulier deliveries
Ministers want to lift the limit on how many deliveries overseas lorry drivers can make in the UK.

100,000 workers take action as 'Striketober' hits the US
Staff at tractor maker John Deere walked out on Thursday, with other sectors to follow soon.

Sunak: Ministers doing all we can to fix supplies for shops
The chancellor says shoppers "should be reassured" the government is working to fix port delays.

Bitcoin: Bank deputy calls for urgent crypto regulation
The Bank of England's Sir Jon Cunliffe raises concerns about the financial stability risk of cryptocurrencies.

Coronavirus: Unions call for improved vaccine rollout
A global coalition of unions says failing to do so would make supply chain crises worse.

LA port to open round the clock to tackle shipping queues
The White House has warned supply bottlenecks could cause goods shortages this Christmas.

UK economy grows on camping and dining out
GDP rose 0.4% in August in the first full month after all Covid restrictions were lifted in England.

Asda reports no petrol supply issues for a week
Supermarket chain says increase in demand was temporary as petrol shortages in London ease.

Toy shops warn of Christmas shortages amid port delays
The boss of toy chain the Entertainer says it will be harder to get stock to the right places at the right time.

IEA: Green energy needed to avoid turbulent prices
A failure to invest in green energy may mean more energy price swings says the energy agency chief.

Nations must be 'absolutely vigilant' about inflation, says IMF
The fund cuts its outlook for advanced economies this year, and says inflation likely to "stay elevated" for a while.

UK job vacancies reach 20-year high
Retailers and car mechanics are in particular demand as job vacancies surge to 1.1 million.

Budget: Little room for more spending, says IFS
Despite recent tax rises, there is limited scope to spend more on public services, says the IFS.

Carbon dioxide supply deal agreed between government and firms
A deal averting another carbon dioxide crisis in the food and drink industry will now run into 2022.

US adds 194,000 jobs in September as Delta hits hiring
The unemployment rate fell to 4.8%, but the jobs growth was far below expectations.

Former Tesco boss Dave Lewis to advise on supply chain crisis
The government has hired Dave Lewis to help it fix problems that led to petrol and other shortages.

Booksellers hope soaring sales will continue as we read more
We have been buying more books since the start of the pandemic as lockdowns created more time to read.

Can you be coached on how to be happy?
The happiness industry has grown in popularity during the pandemic but it's not without its critics.

Why taking up an instrument has struck a chord for so many
The pandemic led to around 1m UK adults learning an instrument and many taking music lessons.

The models that turned Instagram into their DIY catwalk
New York Fashion Week marks a tentative return - but how did supermodels keep working through Covid?

Japan's huge army of under-employed ex-housewives
Why women are still battling for better jobs in the world's third largest economy.

The pubs and restaurants counting on Christmas cheer
In a bid to rebound from Covid plans for this year's festive season are under way.

Can the US crack down on fake vaccination cards?
As more people are asked to prove vaccination status, a black market in fake health cards has boomed.

Love and money: Why breaking-up is so hard to do
More people are looking for help in paying for divorces after relationships ended during Covid.

Brazil hopes the world will get a taste for its favourite spirit
With domestic sales of cachaƧa falling last year, Brazilian producers want to export more.

Russia not withholding gas for political reasons - ambassador
Russia's ambassador to the UK denies Russia is using energy as a political weapon, amid surging prices.

Pigs at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport help to keep skies safe
A team of 20 at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is part of a range of measures being used to reduce bird-strikes.

Microsoft Chief Digital Officer tops Powerlist
The Powerlist 2022 recognises the most powerful people of African and African Caribbean heritage in the UK.

Ipswich apprentice butcher encourages others to consider industry
Annie Jones, 18, is training to be a butcher and is encouraging others to consider it as a career.

Travel red list cut to seven countries 'a major step forward' - Grant Shapps
The transport secretary announces England's Covid travel red list is being cut to seven countries.

William Shatner in space: 'The most profound experience I can imagine'
The Star Trek actor becomes the oldest person to go into space and returns 'filled with emotion'.

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